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Veerlon for School

Veerlon offers a special deal for students and we can work together to get your students up and running as soon as they graduate, without any upfront cost.

Current users

If you already use Veerlon, you must be familiar with how Veerlon works. You can refer your friends and earn money, iPad, cruises, Apple watch and more.


We will provide you a link and you can share this link with your audience. You earn money with every subscription coming from your link. You can also direct clients to our user’s salon’s website and make money of it.


You already have a relationship with your customers and they already trust you. Veerlon gives you the opportunity to offer one more valuable product and help them not only look professional but be more professional actually.

Salon suites

Offer you customers a Veerlon account, sign them up and earn a piece of the pie. Once they sign up, we will take it from there.


We are a proud member of Professional Beauty Association. We also offer special deals for current members of PBA and other Beauty Associations.

Professional Beauty Associations
Register as a partner we will contact you back and get you started as a partner, training is provided.