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Use Veerlon on the go

Access Veerlon on your phone, tablet or desktop. It’s not only easy for you to use Veerlon as a beauty pro but it is also convenient for your clients; they can reach you on your site or on your appointment scheduler, wherever they prefer, we will be there too.

Primas Washington “I LOVE Veerlon so much for my business. It's easy to use and so professional. The YouTube and Instagram feature is my favorite part. I also love how my clients can easily schedule appointments and be reminded by text message or phone call!”
- Primas Washington

Who's using Veerlon?

Veerlon was built with the solopreneur in mind, that beauty pro renting a booth, a chair or a suite. Beauty pros are using Veerlon to take the step forward to remove the hassle out of much-needed tools for their day-to-day like website, appointments, reminders and more.
Powerful website

Powerful Website

Not just a website but a website that is optimized for them to find what they need and book quickly!

Online Booking

Online Booking

Don't leave your clients lost, give your them an easy way to book with you fast and easy.

SMS Reminders

SMS Reminders

Automaticallu send out appointment reminders via SMS to prevent no shows.

Online Store

Online Store

Create an inventory of products on Veerlon and sell your products online or in store.

Electronic Gift Cards

Electronic Gift Card

No more paper cards. Sell electronic gift cards online or at your salon and easily redeem it with your phone.


Promotional Newsletters

Reach your existing clients by sending out newsletters and attach a coupon to bring them back.

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No tech skills needed

Instead of being exposed in a catalog and competing prices with other salons, get your own website with a free domain upon sign up and guess what? No tech experience needed here! Our website engine will work for you while you do what you normally do every day and update your site on its own.

Sandy Kennerly “Online booking can be so complicated!! Veerlon made it so easier I can book a client in just a few seconds or even better they can easily book through my website.” - Sandy Kennerly
Personal App

Clients book in seconds

We removed all the barriers making it easy for your clients to book, it requires no registration and no login cutting away the extra work for your clients which increases appointments. But don't worry, we will identify them by their phone number.

Choose which clients your wan to see

Not all clients are equal and we understand that, you can take only the appointments you want, if you decide not take a specific appointment you can just cancel it and we will send them a message.


Your clients will receive a text message confirming their appointment with date and time formatted in such a way that they can simply tap on it to add it to their calendar.

Text Message confirmation

Once the appointment is set we will send the a text message as a reminder to make sure tell will show up on time. You can choose how many hours prior to the appointment you would like Veerlon to remind them about it.