Beautifully crafted design with you in mind

We have spent countless hours with beauty professionals to create just the right set of tools

Trusted by professionals like you

Veerlon is trusted by salon owners, barbershops, makeup artists, spas and others around the US. For us, it’s not just about performing a task but it’s about doing it quickly, effectively and, if possible, even automatically.

You get a real website

With Veerlon, you get a real website with unlimited pages, a variety of theme designs and a powerful set of features that integrates with social media and so much more.

100% Responsive

We go wherever your customers go

Researches show that 90% of the time someone visits your site, they will be using their mobile device. With Veerlon, your site is 100% mobile friendly, making it easy for your customers to buy products from your online store, book appointment with you or simply contact you.

Michael Mendonsa “Veerlon has been an important part in the growth of our business. It has helped us to focus on quality and not on the tech stuff” - Paula Johnson
100% Responsive

Help in every corner

Find help in every section of Veerlon with our chat support

Questions get answered

If you aren't sure about what to do next ask for advise, we are here to help

Direct Training

We are constantly working on new webnars and videos to train you to be efficient. Our goal is not only to help you use our platform but also to generate more business.

Constant moving forward with your feedback

Tell us what you like and what you need and we will keep working to make Veerlon the most useful tool for your business.