Features that will help your business grow

Everything you need in one convenient place, no switching back and forth and no hassle.


Appointments & Administration

Manage appointments, staff, services, clients and locations. All in one place.


Book appointments for your clients or let them book online. Appointments may be recurring or regular.

Pending Appointments

Take full control of appointments coming from your site. Approve, cancel or reschedule them manually or set Veerlon to approve them automatically.


Veerlon will send out appointment reminders via SMS, call or email to prevent no shows. You can choose the type of reminders you want Veerlon to send.


Add your staff to the your Veerlon, let them have their own access to Veerlon and manage their own appointment if they want to.


Manage your services and service duration with our services management tool.


Add, edit or delete clients from your client list. Every new customer from your site will also be automatically added as a client.


If you own more than one location, you get to create multiple locations and associate each staff with their respective locations.



Reach out to new customers and bring current customers back.


Create and manage coupons. Share coupons on Social Media and track their progress with Google analytics. Redeem coupons on your phone by scanning the QR code.


Reach your current customers by sending out newsletters. You can even attach a coupon.

Online Sales

Online Store

Create an inventory of products on Veerlon and sell your products online or in store.

Online Store

Create an inventory of products on Veerlon and sell your products online or in store.

Electronic Gift Cards

No more paper cards. Sell electronic gift cards online or in store. You can redeem gift cards with your mobile device by scanning the QR code.

Instant Website

Instant Website

Take full control of your site. However, you do not have to do everything on your own because Veerlon handles a big part of it for you by updating your site with data you already create on the daily basis.


You can choose one of our mobile friendly theme designs, create and order unlimited pages in any way you want to. There are no limits to what you can do.


Connect your account with Instagram, create a page with a hashtag and let Veerlon do the rest by posting pictures with that hashtag on your site.


Create a page connected to a Pinterest board and that page will automatically be updated whenanything is added or removed from that board.


Create a video gallery with YouTube videos or Vimeo. You don’t need to enter a title or adescription; we will do that for you.


Let your clients tell their stories by writing a testimonial on your site. You still have full control of it.


List all your services on your site and make it easy for your new customers to know what you offer.

Photo Gallery

If you’d rather be in control of your photo gallery, you can upload only the pictures you want to display on your site.

Custom Page

If you can’t find a feature that you would want to have on your site, just create a custom page and enter the content the way you prefer.


Let your customers contact you from your site by filling out a contact customizable form. Every form will be sent to your e-mail.


If you own multiple locations, you can add all of your locations on your site with business hours and contact information.

Gift Cards

Let your customers buy gift cards directly from your website and safely pay via PayPal. Veerlon deducts no fees from payments made via PayPal.


Show off your staff on your site so that the customers know who they will be meeting.


Create your own blog and let the world know what your business is up to.

Sale Online

Add your store online and manage your sales through Veerlon online sales tool.

Online booking

Give your customers the liberty to book online, all on their own. They can even save your website as an app so that they can book appointments in a flash.

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